What our clients say

“I found [Felicity] to be professional, courteous and approachable. Her work was of the highest standard and her knowledge and expertise clearly evident. Not only did the final report contain keen observations it also posed questions with substance making me, and my team, far more self aware than previous.
All in all it was an extremely positive experience that delivered real, tangible, benefits and would not hesitate to recommend Felicity to any organisation looking to ‘get underneath the covers’ of their team behaviors and dynamics.”

“Felicity was brought into our World to conduct an Ethnographic Study on my team over a 6 week period. After only a couple of days she had not only integrated herself seamlessly with the team, she had also grasped some of the key issues the team face daily with an understanding that key stakeholders simply cannot grasp.”

“The final report and conclusions were full of insight and confirmed while she had embedded herself in the team, she had shown great awareness of the team dynamics, low level mechanics and general issues seen by individual team members on a daily basis. The report was enlightening”

“Felicity spent six weeks with my team [at a large financial organisation] carrying out an ethnographic study on our culture. I enjoyed working with her as she embedded herself into the team. It has been helpful to have an outsider’s perspective on our working practices and values, and I have found Felicity’s insights interesting and productive to the point in which I have embedded her thinking into my strategy. Felicity was invited to present some of her findings at our industry wide Mainframe conference, which resulted in much discussion and interest from Mainframe specialists at other companies. I hope to work with her again in the future and would recommend her work to any organisation.”

“We are now thinking about how we can encourage the team to see the bigger picture and get engaged in other types of work (other than technical) which have a fundamental impact on our area.”

“The ethnography report has acted as a catalyst for discussion and change.”

“[There was a] Lack of cohesion and now we work better…this is now bringing the global team together.”

“Partners say we are more collaborative and coming up with new ideas [since the ethnography].  Stopping a victim culture!  The time with Felicity was a catalyst for this change – she shone a light on certain things – so helpful!”


Feedback from five immersive ethnographic team studies


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