Why Sharp cyborgs bring big value

The ‘cyborgs’ of the creative and exploratory methodologies practised at SharpCyborg are those relations between technology and human that entangle and intersect in organisations.

Whether new AI, biotech, algorithms of the future, apps, the internet of things, virtual reality, the move to the cloud, or traditional and vital systems such as mainframe technology: cyborgs are present and important actors in today’s organsations.

How can we best plan to reach cost challenges, sales and market growth targets, and anticipate how our customers and staff will respond to change and new technologies in uncertain markets?

SharpCyborg brings out the value in organisational cyborgs. Revealing the behaviours, politics and practices that shape cyborg identities in unique workplaces and locations.

Big value is found in understanding and knowing where and who we are, and tracing trajectories for the futures we want to get to.

Opportunities for self-examination can often be rare in the fast pace of organisational life, and the unique position of a Cyborg Ethnographer, joining the organisation with a new expert perspective and experience, offers the space  and ability to ‘point out the water to the fish’ (as the culture metaphor goes).

Whatever the issue to be addressed in-depth by Cyborg Ethnography, it is a process of mutual learning with those collaborators and research participants in the organisation. Such learning can prove a very valuable experience for organisations interested in solving particular organisational problems, thinking about recurring issues from new perspectives, opening up solutions for organisational change, and so called ‘knowledge’ organisations eager for new insights and learning about staff, technology, product and process decisions, interactions and outcomes.


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