What we offer

Cyborg Ethnography is a unique methodology for solving complex problems, improving communication in the workplace and exploring how technologies and culture are making an impact on your organisation and customers.

Unlock the hidden worlds of your organisation. Discover the micro-cultures that shape values and behaviours. Understand expert strategies for culture shift.

What Cyborg Ethnography offers:

  • An immersive exploration of your organisation or a specific set of technologies/problems
  • Attentive anthropological observation techniques
  • Long-term solutions for culture shift: very different from traditional commercial consultancy which enters and leaves an organisation after a short period of time with short-term solutions
  • Expert understanding of complex organisational problems via the method of ethnography, academic theory, knowledge based on experience with a wide variety of different teams and technologies, and in-depth research
  • Uncovers hidden issues, unintended consequences of organisational decisions/technology design/systems use
  • Extreme value for money: Cyborg Ethnography traditionally involves one ethnographer on a fixed-term contract. Once the study is complete or periodically through long-term projects, the ethnographer produces very rich ethnographic research reports and presentations based on varied aspects of organisational life and specific problem statements set by the organisation.

What do we charge?

  • SharpCyborg creates unique Cyborg Ethnography packages for each of our unique clients.
  • Pricing is unique to the client’s needs, number of locations and the duration of the ethnography undertaken
  • Cyborg Ethnography is an investment in deep understanding and analysis of your business and as many issues as needed for effectively responding to complex problems and futures in a multi-faceted way, ‘killing many birds with one stone’. Rather than spending yearly budgets on separate change consultants and culture change strategies, Cyborg Ethnography can offer expert academic insight for your business based on both in-depth research and conceptual thinking.
  • Most Cyborg Ethnographies require one Ethnographer to work with an organisation for a fixed period of time with a specific team or issue or on an on-going basis as and when projects require – hence the cost is exceptionally good value for money compared to other change programmes available from leading consultancies.
  • You will gain a trustworthy and credible academic partner who will work to know your business and your goals for the future and will help you by offering tangible strategies to achieve these
  • Opportunities for cross-collaborations for your organisation will be made possible through Cyborg Ethnography: contacts in relevant fields of academia, artists, technologists and knowledge-sharing events will be opened up to organisations with a Cyborg Ethnographer!
  • Fill out the form on our contact page for us to call you back to discuss a quote, or call or email us to request a meeting to explore what Cyborg Ethnography could do for you and your organisation.




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